New moms, who have yet to shed that baby weight, can still look stunning. The word is comfort and casual without being careless.
During the first few weeks of motherhood, the sleep patterns will be off due to baby’s schedule.
  • Get dressed
Many women just want to stay in their PJs. Choose workout slacks or leggings, rather than a nightgown or pajamas, to look more refined and put-together.  Always look neat and be comfortable but never at a cost of looking shoddy and sloppy.
  • Belly fat
After baby comes, do what celebrity moms have been doing until they can get back to their trainer. Wear a supportive camisole top to hold the abs in. It also helps to be reminded of doing some isometric exercises to get them back in shape a little quicker. However, if a C-section took place, take the doctor’s suggestions about what can be worn as the swelling could make wearing certain clothing uncomfortable.
  • Makeup
It is so tempting to not care about how you look, but just because time is precious, still maintain neat and tidy in appearance.
Wash the face, moisturize, and use just a light touch of foundation, and blush. 
  • Weight
Embrace the curves and remember the post-pregnancy pounds may take some time to disperse.  After all, it did take nine months to gain it and losing it is not going to happen overnight. 
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