A professional look is a polished presentation. Most often one can be safe with a classic look and is most appropriate for making a good first impression.

 “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman,” stated the women, Coco Chanel, who created stylish professional clothes for women. Today with much competition in the workplace, her words still hold true.
  • A basic dress unadorned of frills in black or other neutral colors are always a success story. Even tailored suits in a subdued patterns can set the style without going over the top.
  • Hands are always on display and will look best if well manicured, not too long and with a pale nail shade.
  • Jewelry only requires unpretentious pieces, such as stud earrings, simple chain and a designer watch.
  • No matter how warm it is, always wear stockings. Create the classic monochromatic look by having them match the dress or suit during the colder weather months, and go with  tan stockings during the summer.
  • Pumps should never exceed above a mid-size heel in black, navy or a color that matches the outfit.
  • Makeup should be minimal and understated. Finish it off with a neutral lipstick or lip gloss to create that polished look that is so essential in the business world.
  • A perfume’s aroma should remain fresh and light.
  • Leave the gum chewing for casual weekend days. 
  • Finish off the look with a fine and stunning designer handbag,
One of the nicest designer handbags that exudes a polished presentation as the utmost in a finishing touch is an authentic Chanel Lambskin Kelly.
Nicknamed the Kelly for the ever polished, Princess Grace of Monaco, and the pre-owned Chanel is a classic crafted in gorgeous black lambskin leather.  It features the sought after Chanel iconic CC logo twist lock closure, giving ease to gain that great first impression.
The used Chanel also offers that welcome advantage of one exterior open pocket on the back. A single leather strap makes the Kelly a designer handbag comfortable to carry and its user will always look sharp.
Make a positive statement either at the office, board meeting or a smart luncheon date. It even works during personal time.

The interior is in a contrasting color of burgundy smooth leather. The storage space of the used Chanel Kelly is more than ample and all personal effects will fit in contentedly. There is an extra compartment and a large zippered pocket on the wall of the bag.

The authentic Chanel Lambskin Kelly Handbag doesn´t need a letter of introduction since it speaks for itself as pure class.