Towns across America have a signs announcing their name when entering into their locale. However, none rival the iconic Hollywood Sign, balanced near the top of Mount Lee, the tallest point around Los Angeles.

The Hollywood sign has earned its place in history and most people world-wide have probably seen it on TV, in the movies or photographs.
It has perched in the same location for over eight decades. It has come to symbolize many things to many people including ambition, fame and glamour and it is synonymous with the movie industry.

Measuring at 450 feet long, the Hollywood sign’s massive letters are 45 feet high, and visible from nearly every point in Hollywood. The sign was erected originally as a huge advertisement for a real estate development company.

At first it spelled out the name "Hollywoodland." Trying to rival the lights of Broadway, it was filled with thousands of bright, incandescent lights that were checked daily by an on-site caretaker.

By 1945, the sign had become a deep-rooted portion of the Hollywood culture and letters were removed down to just spell out "Hollywood".
The symbol of Hollywood continues to be inspire the hopes and dreams of those arriving and living in "tinsel-town."

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