Previously free, checking in luggage is a money maker for the airlines. Despite their financial gains and fewer checked bags, according to Conde Nast travel magazine, there are some 26 million pieces of luggage that go missing each year.

Here are few tips to help the traveler not to be a part of the statistic of having the airlines losing or damaging checked luggage.

  • Place an itinerary and e-mail address in a visible place inside the bag and place address of the destination on the outside of the bag. Never put the home address, as it becomes an open invitation for robbers knowing that the owner of the bag is in transit.
  • Make sure the bag is “clean” of previous trip destination tags and luggage tags.
  • Lock wheels and take off any removable luggage straps as they can easily cause a bag to get stuck on a conveyor belt.
  • Use designer luggage on road trips. Standard bags may be less appealing to thieves than expensive luggage.
  • Never pack laptops, cell phones, jewelry or other valuable in checked luggage. Take them on-board in a carry-all.
  • Consider using a luggage-wrapping service located in airports for a fee. The luggage is covered like a mummy with layers of thick plastic wrap. It’s rewrapped at no cost to the owner, if the TSA need access to the bag.
  • Review luggage contents after landing to see if everything is there that was packed. If something is missing, submit a claim with the airline as soon as possible.

Keep those valuables and more when traveling with an authentic Balenciaga Day Messenger handbag.  The Day bag is a favorite of Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsen.

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The inside is fully lined with fabric textile lining in a dark charcoal/black hue. The roomy interior features a zip pocket with a Balenciaga embossed leather tag attached on the lining. Carry any number of things on board a flight including an iPad, jewelry, passport and more.

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