Women are guilty of poor cosmetic management at one time or another and tend to hoard on to their makeup. Just like food and pharmaceutical products, beauty products do have a shelf life.
  • Mascara’s life span is short and should be chucked after three months.
  • Pencil eye liner can last up to two years if it sharpened regularly.
  • Liquid eye liner has a shelf life of three months. With the lid kept on tight and infrequent usage can increase it duration to six months.
  • Eye shadow lasts up to two years.
  • Foundation’s longevity varies based upon the ingredients in it. A water-based foundation has a twelve-month period, while an oil-based foundation will carry on for eighteen months.
  • Powder blush’s shelf life is two years tops.
  • Cream blush is similar to oil-based foundation, and is good up to eighteen months.
  • Lipstick reports are conflicting, as some state one to two years, while others say that it can safely be used up to four years. Opt for the two year period. If a rancid smell prevails, the lipstick is spoiled.
  • Lip gloss spoils faster than its counterpart, and two years is max.
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