Gleam all Summer Long with an Gucci Creme Shopping Tote

 When heading to experience wine tasting at the source, whether in the Loire region of France, Napa Valley in California or the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York, never be intimidate. Wine tasting can be fun, and think of this event as the time to learn the secrets in choosing a wine in a fine restaurant.  

Follow these tips to choose confidently, and never seek the help of the sommelier to select a wine again. Choosing wine simply is understanding the three components of sight, aroma and taste.

  • When presented a glass of wine, gently swirl it. This blends the wine and avoids sediment.  
  • Tilt the glass towards the light to determine the age of the wine. The film at the top of the glass after swirling will have a slightly different color than the wine in the glass.
  • Red wine should show up as dark red clay at the upper portion of the glass. This means it is perfectly aged.
  • With white wine, the color should have a somewhat deeper tone on the upper edge
  • Next place the glass up to the nose and smell the wine, which is testing its bouquet. This is done before tasting to make sure the contents hasn't turned. A slight vinegar-like aroma means the wine has over-aged and is unacceptable. 
  • Tasting the wine becomes more personal and in essence is an individual’s preference. There is no right or wrong answer here. 
The authentic Gucci Creme Shopping Tote is the one to grab on to all summer long.  It truly gleams through against a creamy backdrop of cotton canvas with its world-renown signature, its “GG” monogram in white.
The pre-owned Gucci Shopper´s detail of trim is featured in white leather, including the extra large zippered pocket on its front exterior. There is viable fine top stitching that truly shows it great quality.
Carrying a Gucci designer handbag is instantly more stylish and good-looking. The bag can head to the office as well as anywhere else the day may take one. The used Gucci shopper tote is carried with ease by its two top handles, which are two tone with white and cream.
The used Gucci tote has ample interior space to carry the necessities. The interior is textile lined cream beige.  It contains a large side zippered pocket to keep belongings secure.
The authentic Gucci Creme Shopping Tote is the correct choice in designer handbags for those casual days and nights of summer.

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