Makeup styles have derived mainly from the cinema, since the 1920s. The subject on the silver screen was bigger than life and many viewers considered them the most alluring specimens.

Something occurred and as fashions and looks changes, beauty took a turn and geared the appearance towards a more natural and less glamorous during the 1960s.

As makeup trends are much as a cycle as fashion is, the glamour look has made a comeback. Women have become addicted to emulating their favorite celebrity or supermodel’s look.

One easy way to achieve glamorous eyes and lips is with permanent makeup (PMU). This is a cosmetic procedure that utilizes by a tattoo technique. Designs are generated to face to resemble makeup for specific areas.

The procedure is sometimes called "micro-pigmentation", "micro-pigment implantation" or "derma-graphics". Throw away the eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and lip liner and even obtain a Cindy Crawford beauty mark.

Results have been good and are long lasting with only a touch up needed after 3 years due to fading.  Seek out a profession that only specializes in this procedure. 

PMU takes a few sessions and some minor discomfort may occur.  It is an excellent alternative to women who may have allergic reactions to makeup or for those with time constraints or an unsteady hand.

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