Place a Pinnacle of Panache in a Wardrobe with the Balenciaga Messenger Hobo

 It is so easy to just drop a handbag down anywhere but that encourages germs and dirt. One super sanitizing tip for keeping a designer handbag in pristine condition is to avoid placing it on the floor anywhere, ever.

Try these alternatives instead:
  • At a restaurant, place the handbag on another chair.
  • In a public bathroom, hang it on the doorknob or coat hook. 
  • At the gym keep it in the locker on a hanger instead of carrying it around the facilities or placing it on the floor.
  • At home, have a hook placed up and store your bag there.
  • Don’t place a handbag on kitchen countertops, restaurant and dinner tables or anywhere a person comes in contact with general eating and cooking environments.
  • A handbag is not a storage unit for unwrapped food or previously opened liquids. Unsuspecting company in the form of bacteria will find its way in.

Leather is one of the strongest materials used in designer handbags but dirt and grime can affect its beauty to some extent.

  • Proper care is required to keep the elegance of the designer handbag long-lasting.
  • To make it look as good as new needs a little professional attention too. Take the handbag to a dry cleaner that specializes in leather cleaning.
  • Clean and recondition leather designer leather purses at least twice a year, and, when not in use, put them in the cloth bags for protection against dust and grime.

Handbags are necessary, not only as a fashion piece, but for storing items. Keep a leather handbag in the best of shape and germfree.

One such leather designer bag owned by Cheryl Cole, Shakira, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera contains nothing less than the best in leather and is an authentic Balenciaga Messenger Hobo.

The pre-owned Balenciaga hobo does not overlook any fine detailing that one expects from a designer handbag. The signature Balenciaga design elevates this simple oversized silhouette to great heights.

Its distressed goatskin leather is particularly appealing in a beautiful beige color and BoHo style devotees will love this slightly more conservative version.

The single leather strap is adjustable and can comfortably be worn over the shoulder.

The large tote contains an outside zippered pocket with fringed details that is always appreciated, along with a top zip closure.

The Balenciaga designer handbag contains a card holder in the same beige leather. Leave it dangling from its exterior by its attached leather cord or fit it neatly in a pocket.

The spacious interior is featured in black fabric and can store anything with ease.

The authentic Balenciaga Messenger Hobo neutral color and stunning good looks will take a daytime diva to the pinnacle of panache.


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