Be Fabulously Functional with a Fendi Zucca Tote Bag

Anti-aging secrets are always of interest but one should start right at the top. It is difficult to change the natural process of aging with the hair as shine and body diminishes with age.

The locks given can be a lifelong asset when treated well during this period. To keep that glossy look, use moisture enhancing formulas.

The diameter of each strand starts to decrease now, so hair literally loses its weight. Pregnancy can make it seem as though the hair is thicker as the boost in estrogen prolongs this illusion. Continue good hair habits of regular trims and conditioning.

Some major changes begin to happen appear including graying and thinning. Good nutrition becomes more important than ever. The application of color not only hides the grey but plumps up the hair shaft.  Conditioning after shampooing is mandatory.

Hormonal changes mean more grey hair and even finer texture. Go short, as the ends of locks are now heavier than those at the roots.

60s and above:
With thick hair in earlier years, the aging process of hair will be less noticeable than those of with fine hair. Avoid perms and stay away from one length styles. Have the ends trimmed regularly. Review color and keep the shade more muted and skin-tone friendly. 

Classic designer bags never age and the authentic Fendi Zucca Tote is a pick-me-up for daily use. The pre-owned tote bag is similar in style and function to the traditional shopper bag but with Italian pizzazz. It is crafted in the traditional Zucca fabric pattern. Its canvas is harvested as a backdrop of chocolate filled with the Fendi monogram in black.

The Fendi bag is further complimented by soft as butter black leather trimmings and silver tone hardware. The front exterior features an ornamental double inverted Fendi initial. The sturdy double strap leather handles makes the used Fendi tote an easy carry.

The used Fendi tote is an open shopping tote that is framed as a middle size gem. It contains within two open compartments and a middle zippered one within which can secure secured a wallet and keys.  The interior has Fendi signature pattern brown satin-like fabric lining and a silver tone name plate. 

This is an excellent bag that is chic and fabulously functional as an ideal everyday bag for all everyday needs.

The authentic Fendi Zucca Tote Bag has an abundance of fans including Anne Hathaway, Kelly Ripa and Sienna Miller.


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