The Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Micky GM is Multi-Purpose Liberator

Watch out for all those sneaky expenditures never take into consideration while on vacation. Learn the best ways to stretch vacation money while traveling and eliminate or save on some of the “sticker shock” items.
  • Cash
The days of obtaining traveler´s check are passé. Most financial institution’s web sites list worldwide ATMs that charge low or no fees to take out cash, when using a debit card from their bank.
  • Communication
Check with the network provider to inquire about roaming rates for a cell. A pre-paid phone cards can be the solution. Stay connected by going into internet cafés to send out emails. A Skype account makes that phone call the cheapest of all.
  • Food
Splurge on lunch rather than dinner. Meals during lunch are significantly reduced in pricing. Many international destinations offer a luncheon prix fix ‘menu of the day’ or daily plate. Eat well from an appetizer all the way to dessert for a fraction of the cost.
  • Sightseeing
Check out the official tourist board website for upcoming events, free concerts and other points of interest.  Museum’s websites will list exhibits as well as the designated day for free entry. 
  • Souvenirs
Bringing back a souvenir is one way to lose control on a budget. Comparison shop both tourist-focused souvenir shops and local stores that residents shop in.  
  • Transportation
Use the public transportation system. The best bargain of all is walking to experience local flavor and get a workout as well.
Traveling has never been as chic as carrying an authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Micky GM handbag. It's a very sophisticated bag suitable for even running around in the neighborhood or using as an office attaché case. This is one bag that is not seen too often and will stand out by its gray/graphite Damier checkerboard pattern.
The modified bucket framed pre-owned Louis Vuitton Micky  features black leather trimmings and polished silver metal hardware that contrasts the beautifully with its canvas pattern.
The front exterior contains an extended zippered pocket, while the back presents an addition zip pocket on a diagonal slant, both containing a metal Louis Vuitton engraved zipper pull. The adjustable shoulder strap is made with black canvas fabric and can be worn a number of ways.
To gain access, the used Louis Vuitton Micky GM opens via a top zipper. The interior contain plenty of room to carry all valuables that would otherwise never be placed in check-in luggage. Use it for a laptop and a weekend getaway wardrobe.
Lined in black textile fabric, the LV bag contains two flat pockets and two compartments between each for pens.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Micky GM handbag is versatile to use whichever way its owner requires.

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