Women make the same mistake year after year by purchasing an over-the-counter tanning product. They just slathered it on hoping they will achieve the desired color. Many will notice a streaky uneven look on their body that is sometimes in an ugly orange.

Instead of panicking, try some of these easy tips to remove the faux pas.

  • Douse the areas to remove with baby oil. Pause for a half an hour and then take a bath. Exfoliate the skin gently with a washcloth or soft sponge. Follow up with a mild bath gel. A single bath may be all that’s needed since soaking in water works by expediting the top layer cells to fall off the skin.
  • Use baking soda on the delicate areas of the face and neck in a shower.  Leave the face and neck damp only and massage dry baking soda onto this area in a gentle circular movement and rinse off. This will slough off any dead skin and remove the orange tone.  
  • An alternative method is use cotton balls moistened with non-alcohol based toner or liquid makeup remover over the face. Apply this before going to bed
  • There are self tan removers in the marketplace that claim to remove unwanted tan 4 hours after application. When purchasing a self tanner, pick up a bottle of remover also.
An authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Ellipse PM is sometimes known as the "Bowling" Bag. Leave the bowling ball out as it is only a trendy functional bag that serves everyday daily happenings.
Its rounded shaped frame makes it a stylish and spacious bag for traveling, work or out on a date. The durable Louis Vuitton monogram canvas featured on the Ellipse along its stunning cowhide trimmings is nothing short of stunning.
This classic Ellipse handbag is a collectable as it is a discontinued style that Uma Thurman and Madonna are lucky to grab on to.  It offers two rolled cowhide top handles.  
The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Ellipse has a zipper closure, complete with polished gold tone signature zipper pulls and much desired engraved LV padlock with keys. 
The interior is lined in matching tan canvas fabric and has one interior open patch pocket and a D-ring for keys.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Ellipse PM is needs no adjustments. It is as perfect as it comes.