The Balenciaga Pommier First Leather Handbag is Fashion Forward with Tip-Top Shape

Woody Allen's new soon to be released film, "To Rome with Love", is starring the stunning actress Penelope Cruz, who is no stranger to Woody’s past films. She is also known for her beauty, tiny stature and incredible small waistline.

Her secret in eating habits is simple. Coming from the land where chocolates, cakes and pastries reign, she asserts that she controls her cultural cravings of sweets by taking the entire vitamin B group as part of her daily regimen.

She claims her intake of the B group, reduces the sugar rush she needed as a part of her former lifestyle. Between her busy schedule and not able to eat correctly on the set, she believes this tactic works best for her. The experts claim there’s no validity or fact to Cruz's eating habits.

However, the B Group should be part of the diet.  Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is 1.3 mg per day for those between 19 - 50 years of age. Those who are older can increase this slightly. Obtain the group through a number of foods, including fruits, beans, peas, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and whole grains.

It is best to discuss with a doctor about the benefits of the B Group Vitamins, and just enjoy Penelope in her latest flick come June 22.

Spain's Balenciaga designer handbags claim to fame was by the jet setting chic mixing it up with trendy artists from Soho.  Balenciaga´s handbags just happen to be a favorite of Penelope Cruz too.

That alone should only heighten the desire for every woman to own a slouchy bag such as an authentic Balenciaga Pommier First Leather Handbag.
This pre-owned edgy and chic gem is part of the original motorcycle collection. It has been so popular that it has been in the Balenciaga collection year after year.  The Balenciaga First handbag has effortless style with its exquisite crafted quality.  Featured it’s signature soft chevre (goatskin) leather for that shabby chic worn out look. This time is it is in pommier (a hue of green).

The hardware on the authentic first consists of aged brass on zippers, buckle straps, studs and in other surprises. The double hand-held handle is in braided leather with detailed top stitching, along with a detachable shoulder strap. There are leather tassels on the top closure zipper.

Of course, no authentic 'First' would be complete without a leather framed mirror easily fits into the exterior´s front zipper pocket.       

Besides an absolutely stunning design, its interior proves to be highly practicable. Enter into the spacious compartment that is fully lined with black fine textile and highlighted by pale green leather trim. A zipper pocket is found within to secure all personal essentials.

Keep in fashion shape with an authentic Balenciaga Pommier First Leather Handbag.

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