Some of the time, the summer temps can cause excessive discomfort. There are ways to cool down by using some creativity.  Relief can be minutes away and sometimes in a fun manner too.
  • Swimming
Head straight for the ocean breezes along the sea, dive in a pool or lake to avoid the heat. Cool water assists in keeping the body temperature from rising.
  • Moving water
Visit a waterpark that contains a lazy river, wave pools, water slides and other fun in the sun water activities. Everyone is guaranteed to get wet, keep cool and have a good time.
  • Patio mist
Take advantage of evaporative cooling effects with a patio mist. It works by creating a mist of made up of fine droplets of cool water. The immediate area can be reduced by as much as 30 degrees.
  • Fans
Install ceiling fans in the bedrooms and living room to provide low cost cooling. Having the air circulate makes a huge difference.
  • Drink liquids
The body dehydrates, which is an excessive loss of body fluid, faster in hot temps. To replenish the system before that happens, drink plenty of water, lemonade or ice tea throughout the day.
  • Stay indoors but out
Turn the a/c off at home and take advantage of it elsewhere. The mall, a movie or supermarket can offer immediate relief.
  • Vacation away
Beat the heat and go to the mountains for a vacation. Daytime temperatures can be 20 degrees cooler, while evening temperatures can dip down even further in the higher elevations.
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