The Chanel Black Caviar Medallion Tote Excels with Flair and Smartness

Sometimes business women will receive a call asking them to hop on the next flight for an important last minute conference. With hours traveling to and from back to back meetings, this leave's no room for any blunders.

Follow these tips to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Always expect the unexpected but remain prepared.

  • Set up an emergency duplication of toiletries/makeup bag in advance to be ready to go on a moment’s notice by just dropping it in the luggage.
  • Make sure the iPad and cell phone has all business contacts and key players from the office stored within. Print a hard copy of that information and place it in a handbag.
  • It is always best dress and pack more conservatively. Dark-colored clothes work best in case bad weather hits and they tend to appear neat and crisp. Always bring a backup outfit and umbrella.
  • Place all belongings into one durable business travel bag that matches the dimensions to fit in the overhead compartment. 
  • If checking in baggage, do not, no matter how convenient it seems, pack any irreplaceable items in it. Lost clothes can always be replaced but arriving unprepared for a meeting is never tolerated.
  • Wear comfortable shoes while in transit. Get up and walk occasionally on a plane or train. If driving, take frequent breaks by stopping and getting out and walk. This boosts the energy level.

When traveling, it makes good sense to carry the one designer handbag that sets the tone for elegance and practicably.

One such purse is the authentic Chanel Black Caviar Medallion tote. This will go right from the plane to a boardroom. Even celebs that are constantly on the road carry this gem, such as Rachel Bilson, Heidi Montag and Catherine Zeta Jones.

There’s no need to change bags as this pre-owned Chanel is crafted in scrumptious black caviar leather. Ever since the first of the Medallion series debuted, it was apparent that its tailoring was ideal for women to remain chic and polished when traveling light.

Texture-like diamond patterns covers the entire exterior of this used tote with the back professing an extra large open patch pocket. Smack in the middle front is the embossed CC logo.

All hardware is gold-tone, including the distinctive CC dangling medallion hanging over the side that is attached to the top zip closure.

The interior of this pre-owned beauty is spacious, and roomy enough to carry any personal essentials, including tickets and passport. It also contains a zippered pocket and is lined in soft and smooth leather.

Any fashionista will shine with style during any symposium with an authentic Chanel Medallion Tote. It is a great one all activities outside of work too.

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