Represent Summer Style with a Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel Evelyn Handbag

There is a belief that the sea is a healing agent from the time of the Ancient Egyptians to the trendiest spa today. A salt glow is one of the most popular body treatments and is in demand before and after the summer. It helps put the outer layer of the skin in prime condition for sun in the fun.

Sea salts are normally merged with aromatic essential oils. The combo is used to exfoliate a build-up of dead skin on the body and is suitable for those with poor blood circulation. It's also recommended for those that are following detoxification programs.

Combine the salt glow treatment with another one such as a massage. A salt scrub  makes sense to obtain the benefits of renewing the spirit, gaining a relaxed state and with grand finale of soft silky-smooth skin and a satiny glow.

The treatment promotes cell renewal and is a stress reliever when aromatherapy oils and gels are used. It is believed that some of its healing powers of the oils lock in moisture and eliminate dehydration.

A word of caution to be aware of is that sea salt can be moderately abrasive. Some therapists have a heavier hand than others when they rub it on the body. Individuals differ in sensitivity when touched, so if it feels too rough, be sure to speak up.

Forego a bath gel or soap to allow the oils to saturate the skin for the remainder of the day and achieve the treatment’s full effect.
Afterwards, create a signature statement with an authentic Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel Evelyn Handbag just as Kourtney Kardashian and Holly Madison does.

It is instantly recognizable by its huge “H” created by small holes smack in the middle of its grainy calf leather.

This is a more than a multi-purpose bag that presents tailored good looks and practicable space for summer. Hermes is looked upon as having the highest quality in designer handbags

This stunner is in summer white in messenger style saddle bag. This design and styling of the pre-owned bag is ideal for daywear with all the color schemes.

A leather flap strap slides into an H buckle opens and closes up the pre-owned Hermes. This Veau Graine Coucherel Evelyn is the largest member of the Hermes Evelyn collection.

The white shoulder strap is in a canvas and is heighten by its silver tone hardware.  The strap is also removable and changes the look of this casual bag to chic clutch for evening summer soirees.

The spacious interior is lined in soft lambskin. An open pocket is featured in grainy leather within the used Hermes.

The authentic Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel Evelyn Handbag is the chic designer bag that cannot do without this summer.

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