Skyrocket to the Top of Style and Elegance with a Hermes Bolide

 It is nearing that time again, and with super food benefits,  blueberry season is here from June to October. This is one the easiest foods to grab on to and gain some incredible health properties that were discovered during the past several years.

The results are in and there’s no stopping the momentum.

Blueberries taste great and are summer’s bounty to help an individual feel well, have more energy and even improve appearance. Yes, antioxidants are responsible for that one and are considered an anti-aging treatment. By helping to fight free radicals, the cell damage to the skin becomes minimal.

As one ages, free radicals tend to become a more unstable substance. They are known to damage human cells and deteriorate the immunity more quickly. Many scientists can attest that blueberries may counteract this process.

Scrutinizing all the health benefits behind blueberries, it is pointing towards reducing the aging process. Promising studies are looking into for a link that may fight off cancer cells as well.

The antioxidants in blueberries are known as ‘Anthocyanins.’ Numerous testing is revealing that Anthocyanins is a potential brain booster. Neuroscientists tested lab rats and discovered that blueberries slowed down the age related loss in their mental capacity. Testing is ongoing with humans but it gives a hope that there may be a way to diminish the loss of memory to Alzheimer sufferers.

As researches are continuing to find if  foods, such as blueberries, can actually change the course of human biochemistry, these recent results point towards potential success.

Add a touch of the tempting blueberry super accessory to a wardrobe with an authentic Hermes Bolide. Nothing beats the workmanship and quality that Hermes is known for. The navy blue leather is fine grain but surprisingly soft to the touch. 

The pre-owned Hermes is just as sleek as the French racecar it was named for.

This dual top handle satchel is great for everyday use and the extra detachable shoulder strap comes in handy. It's easy to carry by hand, on the arm and over the shoulder, especially when a fashionista’s hands are tied up.

The Bolide offers a single top zipper made in contrasting and stand out gold tone hardware. There are even four protective feet on its flat bottom.

Its interior is nothing short of roomy and contains one patch pocket for storage. The used Hermes is lined in soft as butter matching leather.

Even 'Law and Order SVU’s' Mariska Hargitay knows how chic this bag is. Skyrocket to the top of the fashions charts with an authentic Hermes Bolide.

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