Facelifts may soon become obsolete, as they are too intrusive, expensive and self defeating. It is not forever and every few years’ additional surgery is needed.  

The 'fountain of youth' has not yet been discovered but it is within reach. See a professional first to determine which anti-aging treatment works best for an individual’s needs.

  • Laser
A less radical method is laser technology, in which resurfaces and tightens the skin. Minor discoloration may occur immediately after treatment but on average that disappears within a week. 
  • Micro-currents
The micro-current face lift is a relatively inexpensive method in which gentle electric currents are applied to the face. The skin’s facial muscles are stimulated and tighten. This gives a relaxed and youthful appearance.
  • Prescribed creams
Creams from the doctor contain highly concentrated solutions of amino acids and will tighten skin and reduce fine lines but may cause minor irritations.
  • Fillers
Fillers, which are injected via a needle, enhance skin by adding volume to soften the signs of aging. Fillers are good in filling up those lines around the mouth.
  • Chemical peels
This treatment burns off the outer, damaged layers of skin, revealing the younger skin underneath. 
  • Over-the-counter products
Topical creams from department stores have made great advancements in skin care and are continuing to do so. Read about them in fashion magazines and try some samples when introduced.

An authentic Lady Dior Handbag is even more desirable today as when media frenzy made it famous by being carried by the late Princess Diana. It is an immortal legend in the history of handbag design.

The bag instantly became the most sought after handbag worldwide. Fashionistas, disco queens, debutants and the girl-next-door types just had to have one in their designer handbag collection including Diane Kruger and Paris Hilton.
Dior has used this style many times with a variety of retrofits over time. A geometric grid stitched pattern is used on the black fabric frame of the Lady Dior handbag.

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