Obtain an Ultimate Mixture of Iconic Design with the Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote

When in Paris, with children take a side ttrip o Disneyland Paris.  Not only are the best picks of Disneyworld here but a few additions that won’t be found in the states.

In Disneyland Park, enjoy more than 40 attractions and take a journey through "time, space and imagination."   As guests enter Disneyland Paris under the arches of the Disneyland Paris Railroad Station, they are instantaneously brought into a familiar setting of Main Street U.S.A.

Towering majestically at 148-feet in the distance is the centerpiece of the Chateau de Ussé (Sleeping Beauty's Castle). From the castle you can then venture to Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland.

In 2002, a second theme park opened, and Walt Disney Studios skillfully re-created the Golden Age of Hollywood as its theme. 

One of the most imaginative exhibits not found at any other Disney parks is ‘Cine Magique.’ This is a movie within a movie. Great classic movie scenes jump from one to another from the silent film age to present with Martin Short centered within all.

All hotels on the surrounding property supply a complimentary bus to the main entrance. Hotels of this quality are extremely expensive in Paris, and staying near Disneyland Paris is much more cost efficient and comfortable.

Take the best feature of the classic Chanel flap; add it to the Chanel shopper and mix in with super shine patent leather and an authentic Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote is born.

This designer handbag that will be just as impressive in an elegant restaurant in Pairs as it will be at a Disney theme park on any continent or even in a boardroom meeting.

This has an amazing hot look in a slick and shiny black patent blended beautifully with gold hardware.

Besides it scrumptious leather with unmistakable shine, it features not one but three eye-popping gold tone CC logos adorning the base of the bag.

This patent leather Chanel is discontinued and makes it a chic collectable that is coveted by celebrities such as Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore and Vanessa Paradis.

Simple and classic as the ultimate Chanel chic, this stand out pre-owned tote features an open pocket on the front exterior, perfect for holding a large envelope.

The iconic Chanel interwoven chain with leather takes up half of the strap and the balance is all leather for comfort.

The patent leather Chanel contains a top zippered closure with a large ball charm as its pull.

Once inside the used Chanel patent handbag, fine grain leather lines all sides. The space is super-sized and there is more than ample room for all belongings, including several snap closed compartments along with two Chanel quality zippered pockets. 

This authentic Chanel Patent Leather Shopping Tote is not seen around too often and is a head-turner that has function.

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