The oldest National Park in the U.S: park system is Yellowstone National Park. It can be reached through one of five entrances situated in three states (Idaho, Wyoming and Montana) and consists of geological landscapes that are found nowhere else on earth. To say the park is huge is an understatement and will take several days to explore. Old Faithful Geyser is the one feature most associated with Yellowstone, yet it is just the beginning.
  • Old Faithful Geyser
 Old Faithful Geyser can erupt up to fifteen times each day for about one to five minutes in duration with a maximum height of 90 to 184 feet.
  • Hayden Valley
Hayden Valley is the region to see wildlife in their natural habitat. The mighty grizzly bear, herd of elks or American bison (buffalo) can be viewed in action. Strict rules and regulations are enforced to prevent disturbing the wildlife in the valley.
  • Yellowstone Lake
The Yellowstone Lake covers 136 square miles with 110 miles of shore line. It has an average depth of the lake is 139 feet with the deepest spot being at 390 feet. Boat services are provided in the park to go boating and explore this massive lake.
  • Tower Falls
Tower Falls has a height of 132 feet and its name is derived from the towering volcanic and rock formations that surround it. Hiking trails are accessible to go to the base. 
  • Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs is one thermal area that differs from others in Yellowstone due to its striking terraces and rock formations.

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