The Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Sistina PM Promises and Delivers

Open pores can cause havoc for skin. Make up, grime and humidity tends to plug them up, causing an increase risk for breakouts.
Pore size cannot be reduced, but there are treatments which promise and deliver. Make pores less noticeable and keep them clean from debris and oil with these tips.
  • Before touching the face, wash hands first.  By not doing so is only transferring all of the dirt from the hands to the face
  • Opt for a micro grain cleanser, which helps to remove trapped dirt from pores. Place water on the face and hands, place some on the hands and work it up into lather. Apply to the face in small circular motions, but never scrub. Rinse off residue.
  • A non-clogging moisturizer works best for enlarged pores. Moisturizers made specifically to minimize pores have zinc as an ingredient, and over time its use makes pores appear smaller with more clarity.
  • Pore refiners do a great job of making pores and skin appear tighter. Use this prior to foundation.
  • When applying foundation, mineral foundations appear to reduce pore size and give skin a more even tone.
  • Once a week, steam the face.  Wash it before hand and place a towel over the head.  Lean forward towards a large bowl of hot water for a maximum effect of cleansing the pores.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Sistina PM is one design from the Louis Vuitton collection that is definitely a collectable. This rare a fantastic mix of design and harmony and just keeps screaming out everyday style. Amber Riley of “Glee” fame owns this gem.

This perfect modern bag is filled with soft pleating. The coated checker-board Damier Ebene canvas is one of the most popular sought since its introduction out of the House of Vuitton. The bag is overflowing with rich dark brown leather trim.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Sistina contains a large gold metal ‘Louis Vuitton’ engraved buckle that actually locks the bag upon closure. Attached to the leather flap strap, the lock is just one attribute of the fine detailing found in a stunning Louis Vuitton. Another plus is a top zipper under the flap to keep all items within secure.

The single leather shoulder strap is adjustable and makes an easy conversion for an individual’s personal taste.

The spacious interior contains soft red microfiber lining. A cell phone pocket and one slip pocket to hold small items is situated on one side.

This authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Sistina PM promises elegance, rarity and style and just delivers in true form.

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