The Louis Vuitton Epi Document Holder is Ideal for the Recent Grad

College students who are graduating after 4 years of hard work usually take off on a long summer vacation. It is thoughtful to give a new graduate something that will come into good use. If the grad is planning a hiatus away in the near future, make the gift both a "Bon Voyage" and congratulations combo.

  • Baskets
A gift basket of travel supplies can be used immediately for an upcoming trip. In it add overseas adapters, pre-paid phone cards, a pre-paid credit card and FAA approved travel sentry luggage locks. Personalized luggage tags can be inserted as part of the package. These can be made to order and can be truly unique by using a personal photo, school insignia or thousands of pre-printed designs. Finalize the basket with a travel journal for them to record all their memories.
Travel trekking types could have a gift basket filled with a new backpack, sleeping bag, outdoor cookware, canteen, bug spray, sunscreen, a compass, or anything that would accommodate them in the great outdoors.
  • Digital
For any type of travelling grad, perhaps a digital camera with a memory card will be made to order. They can capture all their memories with one and download photos for family and friends while on the go.
  • Traveling gift certificates
A gift that works when the new grad is still not sure where they are heading are airline gift certificates to help cover the cost of their tickets. Gift certificates to  major hotel chains come in handy and can pay for all or part of their stay. Tickets for a museum, city tour, theater or concert performance during their stay in another location is a nice gesture.
Of course for those who are heading straight into the job market after their summer holidays will appreciate owning a Louis Vuitton Epi Document Holder. It is one less step for them to create a new business wardrobe.
It is as durable as one could ever find in an attaché due to its signature Epi leather. It can stand up to any type of weather and keep documents secured from the elements.
As with the Epi collection, the only indication, besides its signature grained leather, is an embossed LV near the base of the Louis Vuitton envelope. The bag is extra roomy when opened via its gold tone top zipper. The pre-owned LV Epi is just the right size to use each and every day for all sizes of documents, folders and resumes. It will prove a winner in any board meetings or while on a job interview, as first impressions are everlasting.
An authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Document Holder allows the user to look professional, neat and polished.

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