The Louis Vuitton EPI Leather Noe Offers Great Shape as a Handbag to Fit All

Many women pine for the locks of their favorite celebrity. Nice as it may be, it is possible that it is not the correct look for the indivudal because the shape of the face is not a match to the coif.

  • Round Face Types 

Height is needed at the crown as this gives the illusion of eliminating the fullness from the cheeks while elongating the face. 

  • Square Face Types 

Play down the angular features with waves and curls.   

  • Oval Face Types 

The oval face can pull off almost any look whether short or long, straight or curly. 

  • Long or "Oblong" Face Types 

Add some width to the face with flattering styles such as brow-skimming bangs or chin-length bobs.   

  • Heart Face Types 

Diminish the chin as the focal point, and instead, draw attention towards eyes and cheekbones. Do it with side swept bangs and longer layers that graze the cheekbones.

  • Triangular Face Types 

Layers are the answer to diminish a prominent jaw line. Forget any type of bangs including wispy.   
To determine the correct face shape, just slip on headband, look in the mirror and trace the perimeter of the face on the mirror with an eyebrow pencil. This will accurately determine one of the six basic face shapes. 

The authentic Louis Vuitton EPI Leather Noe handbag is one shape that fits all. It is featured in that wonderful EPI leather. 

Texture is always triumphant for long lasting durability and the LV signature EPI leather bag´s color of basic black speaks for itself. This makes the Louis Vuitton Noe a true classic as a well designed drawstring bucket frame.
The pre-owned LV Noe is super in size and maintains all the beauty and polish of the classic bucket. Celebrity uses include Naomi Campbell, Kate Hudson and Serena Williams.

The used Noe is further flattered by smooth leather trim and careful detailing in gold tone hardware. Of course the embossed LV insignia is present at the exterior’s base.

One long leather shoulder strap can be adjusted to suit the needs and comfort of its owner. 

The lining of the interior offers yet another texture and matches the Epi leather bag perfectly with suede-like fabric.  There is nothing small with the LV Epi Noe space-wise. This LV bucket is ideal to hold anything needed for daily outings for work or play in an ultra sophisticated style.

As hair styles needs to adapt to the shape of the face, the authentic Louis Vuitton EPI Leather Noe handbag is the accessory that falls into place as super style for any gal.


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