Now many women are shedding the outer layers of their wardrobe for the warmer temps only to find that a few pounds need to be shed too. Rather than going for crazy yo-yo syndrome diets follow this recipe for success with four sure-fire jumpstarts to get rid of those extra 5 to 10 lbs.
  • Portion it
Keep the portions under control and never make any portion larger than the size of a fist. Avoid eating to feel stuffed.
  •  Exercise
This is mandatory to burn off calories and increase a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise is also the best way to combat stress so it is an all-around win-win situation. Take an additional walk around the block, run with the kids or climb up those stairs. Every little bit helps.
  • Skip the lattes
Without realizing it, a gal can be piling on the pounds with that daily latte from her favorite coffee shop. Go for regular or black, as either will be more beneficial in reducing extra fat in the body.
  • Refresh the memory
Look over the food pyramid as a refresher. Add on the green vegetables that may be lacking in the daily intact and reduce the amount of butter, sauces and salt that is not only smothering the food but packing on excess unwanted baggage.
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