Use the Gucci Beige Guccissima Hobo from Cinco de Mayo to Labor Day

May 5th is a holiday known as “Cinco de Mayo,” which is of historical importance to Mexicans and those of Mexican descent. Similar to other heritage holidays (St. Patrick's and Columbus Day) the holiday surprisingly is largely celebrated more outside of Mexico than within. Celebrations are much more low-key with the exception of Puebla and Mexico City.

The holiday commemorates the 1862 victory against the French army in the town of Puebla. It is seen as a symbol to those who fought to victory facing overwhelming odds by determination and resilience against the well-equipped enemy.

Each city states having the “largest” of Cinco de Mayo parties, and are found in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Phoenix and Miami and elsewhere. Many restaurants, bars and nightclubs in major US, Canadian and European cities will add Cinco de Mayo bashes to their menu and keep the party going until dawn. With many locations offering festive activities, there are also assorted ways to celebrate the 5th of May.

One unique way of celebrating is via a special excursion train aboard the Verde Canyon Railroad just outside of Clarksdale, Arizona. Passengers will dine on traditional Mexican fare first and then journey along the rails to view the Verde Canyon’s stunning wilderness and picture-perfect vistas.  Of course Margaritas are included.

A super stylish authentic Gucci "Guccissima" Hobo in beige will take a girl from Cinco de Mayo all the way to Labor Day in style. 

The elegant, contemporary shape of the authentic Guccissima hobo bag leather is adorned with embossed "GG" logos all over its soft leather exterior. The Guccissima pattern is a favorite of Angelina Jolie. The hobo is further accented with class by its bold Gucci name engraved in shiny pale gold-tone hardware on a flap strap with magnetic snap centered near the bag´s opening.

The pre-owned Gucci Guccissima hobo balances its frame with a single leather strap attached to the bag against gold tone buckle style rings.  It can be carried over the arm but offers so much comfort when it sits upon the shoulder.

The interior lining is consistent with Gucci´s legendary name and emblem in brown fabric textile. All essentials can easily be stored within its interior as there is ample space. A zippered wall pocket can safely store items such as keys, a check book and cell.

The authentic Gucci Beige Guccissima Hobo is the designer handbag that is perfect for daily use and in a color that is versatile with whatever is worn. With its celebrated insignia imprint and style, it will easily remain a forever accessory.

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