The fine Swiss company, Chopard, maker of ultra glamorous watches and jewelry is no stranger to celebrity wearers such as Emma Watson and Charlize Theron, to name a few. To come up with something truly special for Chopard’s 150th Anniversary, artistic director Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele followed her own instinct - animal wise.

Chopard added a glittering animal inspired collection filled with high end gems set into the likes of lizards, turtles and frogs donning a crown.  The collection was first introduced in 2010 and simply known as Animal World.  Opening to favorable reviews, the success and feedback the collection has received, its zoo contains species not only from the land but those whose dwell under the sea, such as seahorses and salmon.

The theme of animals in jewels is close to the heart of Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele. Not only for her love of finding unique ways to utilize diamonds and other fine gems but she and her corporation are major contributors to the WWF. To create awareness, Chopard has developed a limited edition of their floating diamond watches in vibrant color faces and straps, each themed to a specific animal.

Art in jewels has been a long standing tradition by Chopard. The family owned business that Louis-Ulysse Chopard started in 1860 was later sold nearly 100 to the Scheufele family in 1963. "Trendy but Timeless" is the signature slogan behind a Chopard.

Charlize Theron and Emma Watson, along with Elle Fanning happen to own an authentic Chanel Patent Leather Shoulder which is definitely a trendy-but-timeless number also.

Impress with style, elegance with an amazing huge hot look in a slick and shiny black patent leather bag from Chanel. The boxy frame is oversized and filled up in traditional Chanel diamond pattern that is created by raised fine stitching.

The top zip pre-owned Chanel contains a patent tab with gold tone "CC" on it dangling discretely.  A relaxed black patent shoulder strap is made for comfort.

Once inside the used Chanel Patent Tote, scrumptious grainy black leather completes it. The space is more than ample and contains a long zippered pocket along the side of the interior. Use it to keep items secure such as keys or a cell.

Owning an authentic Chanel Patent Leather Shoulder handbag is a sure way to create a wow factor. Add it with member from Chopard’s Animal World and nothing will get in the way of true contemporary style.