The Gucci White Tote with Silver Trim is Exceptional Just on its Own

Scarves are probably the most versatile choice and can be worn in a variety of ways to enhance any ensemble. Originally they were part of a uniform as archaeologists discovered. One monumental tomb dating back to 260 B.C. showed 7500 figurines of Chinese warriors, with each of them having a scarf around their neck.

It is an indispensable accessory that adds a finishing touch and can make an average wardrobe into a totally new and stylish statement. 

  • Tuck it with a belt
Give a tee shirt and belt extra flare by tucking a small scarf onto the belt and allowing it drape. Pair the scarf, belt and tee with some skinny pants for a dash of elegance mixed with casual.
  • Knot it
Take a long light-weight scarf and match it to a summer tank top. Knot it to make it smaller around the neck and this very casual look instantly becomes striking .
  • BoHo style
Combine bohemian style of a peasant blouse and a gauzy skirt with a bit of grace by pairing it with a long printed paisley scarf. Wrap it loosely around the neck twice. Then wrap the other end around once, keeping one length of the scarf to drape in the front. 
  • Handbag chic
Tying a scarf around the handles of a designer handbag makes it ever so tres-chic. This is where the imagination can run wild. Go for wild prints and colors for a solid backdrop frame and just the opposite on a bag that is adorned with patterns and quilts. Be creative with a scarf in coming up with what fits in with a personal lifestyle.  
Carrying an authentic Gucci White Tote with Silver Trim is instantly more stylish and good-looking whenever a woman needs that everyday extra space.
With its bold “GG” monogram signature, its colorization is so much more feminine than the standard Gucci tote. This one stands out especially by its detailed trimming crafted in metallic silver patent crushed leather.
The used Gucci tote is shaped in an attaché style frame and is carried by hand with double handles in silver tone leather. The side of the tote offers a ring that can slip through a small scarf or attached keys or a luggage tag to.
The pre-owned Gucci shopper has a top zip closure making whatever is enclosed within it completely secured. The interior has a dark grey colored textile lining and contains a large side pocket to hold items. The inside is huge and can carry an iPad and even small laptop with ease.
Achieve an alternative look of a bag by adding a scarf.  With toting around the authentic Gucci White Tote with Silver Trim Handbag, the choice of adding a scarf is left up to the individual. However, remember that this gem is stunning and unique just on its own.

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