The Chanel Jumbo Verticla Flap Handbag Presents Compelling Appeal

Color on the lips of women have stood the test of time although its process went through many changes. Always keen on looking good, the ancient Egyptians, used a blend of plant dye, bromine-mannite and iodine. This produced the desired red tint, but turned out to be quite toxic. Cleopatra discovered that crushed carmine beetles provided the deep red pigment for her lips.

Lipstick remained popular right up to the Tudor times.  Queen Elizabeth I achieved dark blood-red lips by using a blend of beeswax and red stains from plants.

Then, makeup in general was considered vulgar and immoral in the 1800s . Only actors were the accepted group to add grease paint to their faces. Things let up but wearing make-up before marriage was not customary. Even after marriage it was sparse and lips were left natural.

Finally, lipstick once again took hold in the twentieth century thanks to the films from Hollywood.  Glamorous stars inspired women all over the world to emulate their looks and lipstick was the number one choice that a woman could not do without.

These days, women are spoiled for the numerous choices in the marketplace. Besides being available in huge range of shades, they are affordable. Moisturizers and sunscreens are added for outdoor protection.

Even at the higher end of the market, luxury, designer lipsticks, such as those by Chanel, have a compelling appeal. Lipsticks are now manufactured with a combination of waxes, emollients, pigments and oils. The limited edition for 2012 from Chanel is called Rouge Allure professes 14 different shades.

The authentic Chanel Jumbo Vertical Flap Handbag is a perfect match no matter what lip color is used. Rachel Zoe, Dakota Fanning, and Selma Blair are just some of the celebs who own this vast size Chanel model. As iconic as ever, the pre-owned jumbo flap is crafted in scrumptious black vertical-line pattern leather. It has all the features found in the classic Chanel flap, such as the open pocket on the back exterior.

The pre-owned Chanel flap features the elegant, interwoven leather and gold tone chain strap which can be worn as a single or double shoulder strap. A gold tone turn-lock closure in the infamous “CC” opens the front flap.

The spacious interior is lined in smooth burgundy lambskin leather. The used Chanel Jumbo can hold more than imaginable and even contains a full length flat open pocket underneath a zippered one with gold tone Chanel pull. Both are welcomed and ideal for safe storage.

Anything by Chanel is alway a winner whether it’s a lipstick or the authentic Chanel Jumbo Vertical Flap Handbag. Chanel designer handbags are the ones every woman craves for and should become an owner of.

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