Feng Shui a Wardrobe with a Louis Vuitton Multicolor White Sologne Handbag

The use of pure essential oils, extracted from roots, barks, flowers, fruits, seeds and nuts for improving all forms of well being is known as aromatherapy. The principle behind aromatherapy is based on the sense of smell and affects the way one feels, acts and responds. It simply means that if it smells good, it will then make one feel good.  The literal meaning of aromatherapy in itself derives from two words meaning scent (aroma) and healing (therapy).

Feng shui derives from Chinese Mandarin and literally means 'wind and water.’ The theory is based from the ancient Chinese belief that heaven and earth (yin and yang) help ensure positive energy and in turn, the way of improving life. Interior designers use it as the art of placing furniture in such a way that it matches the energy of the earth. Color is an important aspect of feng shui and this philosophy of well being, harmony and peace will only be built upon the usage of the correct colors. 

When combined together, both aromatherapy and feng shui is believed to create a more energetic and peaceful environment.

There is another addition to merge for that perfect balance of yin/yang, and that is with an authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolor White Sologne handbag.

The Sologne is the one designer bag that sparkles with boldness and features high quality craftsmanship and practical styling with a trendy and contemporary look. The durable multicolored canvas backdrop is in white and designed exclusively for Louis Vuitton by Japanese pop artist, Takashi Murakami. It continues with covering every spectrum of a prism by its monogram of "LV"s over its exterior.

This pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag is simply dazzling and is one to not overlook. The multicolor Sologne is very unique from other pre-owned designer handbags and celebrity owners include Holly Madison, Tara Reid and Jessica Simpson.

It is enhanced further by edgy gold tone brass studs gold studs and engraved S-lock closure that is displayed on its front flap opening and simply makes a unique statement. The natural cowhide leather trim completes its worldly and chic feel.

The used LV Multicolor Sologne is hand-carried and offers long cowhide strap with removable shoulder pad. The inside is exceptionally roomy and is lined in a red berry soft micro fabric. There is a standard size interior pocket also.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolor White Sologne handbag is completing feng shui to a well balanced wardrobe.

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