Have Shoes, will Travel with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Shoe Bag

There are several details added to the shoes being shown on the runway in France, Italy and the Unites States. The one item embellishing women´s shoe is so simple and yet extremely commanding, the buckle. Most designers seem to share this common vision and have followed suit in many of the footwear creations shown.

Buckles were shown on shoes with towering high heels but also used as part of an interesting combo with laces or buttons on the casual style ankle boot. Other designers manage to deviate by adding zippers to casual and formal footwear.

Zippered shoes are destined to simply be the up to date trend going. Experts believe that this addition will not only carry over in the fall but continue on a few more seasons. The zigzag teeth, usually in gold or silver, accentuate and spotlight one’s footwear and complete the look of an outfit. A zippered shoe is flattering to all types of shoe, including those that are casual, chic, edgy, and sexy.

Heels are an instant way to elevate any look, so it's not surprising that height is here to stay as shown on the runways. Women love heels as they elongate the legs, giving a thinner and shapelier appearance.

Celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Kelly Rowland, and Katie Holmes simply love shoes almost as much as their designer handbags.

However, how does a woman pack their shoes without squashing them in their luggage?  The next best thing to owning fabulous shoes is having something that protects them while traveling, and Louis Vuitton has come to the rescue with a designer shoe handbag.

The canvas monogram of the authentic Louis Vuitton Shoe Handbag will match the Louis Vuitton Speedy and any piece of their luggage collection. Shoes are protected in style, and this particular design was developed to compliment the Vuitton’s travel line in mind. That is about as fashionable a traveling gal can get by owning one.

This generous sized pre-owned Louis Vuitton shoe bag is built for durability. Shoes will always look great and maintain their shape once removed upon arrival to a destination. The elegant hand-carry used shoe bag features gold-tone hardware and flatters the rounded two handles and trimmings in natural cowhide leather.  A zip closure works around the entire exterior in this edition. No authentic Louis Vuitton canvas monogram would ever be complete without the attached LV padlock to secure the bag´s contents.

Add a piece that will surely be used on your next vacation away, an authentic Louis Vuitton Show Handbag. You shoes will look as great prior to leaving home.


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