Sing the Blues with the Chanel Fringe Shoulder Handbag

Jazz music is considered the only truly form of original American type of music. Jazz began in the early part of the twentieth century, and has grown and updated with the times to go in many new and amazing directions. The deep emotional tone of the blues is rooted

Earliest forms of jazz combined African tribal music and the emerging American blues. In the early 1900s, the jazz sound largely developed in New Orleans. Jazz performers began to tour in Vaudeville, and its sound quickly spread throughout the country and continued to evolve in more cities, before heading overseas to the café societies of London and Paris.

Blues melodies have a distinctive sound flavored by what is known "blue notes". These are notes played at a lower tone.

Today, jazz and blues have taken its own form as an improvisational musical art. There isn´t a city around, from its originals origins in New Orleans to Prague to Beijing that doesn´t offer a jazz club.

An all time favorite since 1981 is located in New York City and appropriately called the Blue Note. The premier jazz club is considered one of the best in the world and is a cultural institution in Greenwich Village.

Hip celebrities have come to the Blue Note to listen to some of the world's best jazz musicians. Many of the greats have played here such as Lionel Hampton, Dizzy Gillespie, and even singer Tony Bennett still stops in unannounced and performs a song or two impromptu. Local up-and-comers are showcased with their "Late Night Groove Series."

In discussing the Blues, a "Get Cool" style is the authentic Chanel Lambskin Navy Fringe Bag. As it is typically Chanel, this designer handbag has the classic shape of their sophisticated and timeless favorites, yet offers more distinction for two reasons.

Firstly, the authentic Chanel is presented in deep rich navy blue on the soft luxurious quilted lambskin leather. Secondly, this of-the-moment design on this pre-owned handbag has an ornate CC marked tassel that adorns a top zip closure; all in gold tone accents. The simplicity in lines and the proportions of the used bag features the chain strap that distinguishes Chanel from the rest. Note the double C right above the open front pocket.

The authentic contemporary Chanel Fringe handbag is done in smooth leather with an inner zipped pocket.

Just as the Blue Note Club continues to carry the torch song of jazz in the Big Apple and adding an authentic Chanel Navy Blue Shoulder Fringe Handbag to a collection is a must too.


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