The Allure of the Louis Vuitton L'Affriolant

The French word, "affriolant" means alluring. One enticing point of interest in Paris formulates a feast for the senses and sits near the bank of the Seine.

This vital symbol of the "City of Lights,” is the Eiffel Tower, rising to a total height of 1040 feet.  It has three levels, which can be accessed via stairs and lifts. The first two levels have restaurants, with both specializing in gastronomically pleasing French delicacies.

The French capital's top prominent feature celebrated the new millennium with a spectacular light show that many are still talking about.  Due to demand, the Eiffel Tower lit up each night ever since the first showing. Thousands of visitors crowd to the world's most recognizable landmark for this eye catching show. An even better way is to view the impressive illumination on the silhouette of Eiffel is aboard the bateaux river cruises.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Suhali L'Affriolant is certainly matched with its namesake too as an alluring designer handbag. It is one of the most popular from the Suhali series, due to its practical size and stunning look.

Made from the same deeply grained goat skin leather as the rest in this range, this authentic bag will be a "maintainer” in a woman´s wardrobe. This particular leather is found only in certain areas of the East, and is thick and very durable, yet it is also exceedingly supple and soft.

The authentic Louis Vuitton L'Affriolant is a retired design from the Louis Vuitton collection, and is definitely a collectable.

The crescent shaped bag is in a flattering deep grape hue. The pre-owned Louis Vuitton L'Affriolant contains gold metal hardware scattered around it.  a zip closure pocket can be found on its front exterior. The LV L'Affriolant used handbag has an adjustable leather shoulder strap making it comfortable for the individual.

A gold-tone lock is embellished with the Louis Vuitton name and snaps to close in this top opening designer handbag.  Attached to the leather flap strap, the lock is just one attribute of the fine detailing in an authentic Louis Vuitton.

A fantastic mix of design and harmony is seen within the spacious interior.  The lining is done up in satin with mini LVs.  The color matches the bag color in the same plentiful purple. A cell phone pocket and one slip pocket to hold small items is within the interior.

L'Affriolant is exactly what this pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag promises and delivers.




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