Carry all the Necessities Every Day with a Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM

One of the most important parts of starting one’s day is getting ready with their look. However, with so many things to do in a morning preparation, one can find that they are having a little bit of trouble with managing their time and spending too long on their overall appearance. Here are just a few ways to cut down those precious minutes while still looking your best:

• Use a triple action moisturizer:

Kill three birds with one stone by purchasing a special moisturizer that has SPF of 30 or higher as well as a large amount of antioxidants. This is because it moisturizes, sun proofs and prevents aging all at once, and thus saving more time than it would if one used 3 separate products.

• Use concealer first.

People can spend quite a bit of time getting their eyes ready for the day. By applying concealer on the pigmented areas such as underneath the eyes first, this is a good way to let the concealer enter the skin faster and improving your appearance.

• Concentrate on the 3 E’s.

When one is rushing out the door and finding it hard to scrape time together to do one’s appearance properly, one should try at least to work on the 3 E’s. The 3 E’s are eyeliner, eyebrows and eyelashes, all of which are key factors of creating a good appearance. Brush and fill up the eyebrows, line the upper lashes with a shade of chocolate brown for those with light complexion or black shades for darker ones and use mascara to complete the scene. If time applies, dab on some lip gloss and you’re all set!

One designer handbag that can carry all the necessities is an authentic Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM Handbag designed by Marc Jacobs who named it after his stomping grounds. The Manhattan quickly became a versatile and sought-after classic and celebrity owners include Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Traditional Louis Vuitton monogram canvas and natural cowhide trim are used and assures its durability to withstand the elements. Gold tone hardware is used and includes the double top zipper opening, two Louis Vuitton engraved zipper pulls, handle rings, rivets and other items.

However, it gets even better marks for additional storage by two large exterior pockets with engraved gold tone push locks. This feature makes the Louis Vuitton Manhattan so welcomed by its extra storage spaces.

The used Louis Vuitton Manhattan has comfortable double leather handles making carting it around a breeze.
The everyplace casual winner opens via a top zipper. Plush beige fabric serves as its lining and there’s abundance of space to carry all essentials and more.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM Handbag is an ideal classic tote that is not only sharp looking but very functional.

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