One Size Fits All with a Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Looping MM Bag



Photography can easily create an illusion of 10 pounds to a subject during a full body shot.  However, there are ways to counteract this sin. To look much thinner when having a photograph taken follow these simple tips.

Standing position

Turn the body slightly to the side at a slight angle and not facing in front of the camera.

Foot position

Place one foot before the other, and redistribute your weight on the back foot.

Head placement

Move the head forward rather than back. By pulling the chin in will exaggerate the face even if it is slim. Forward will reduce a double chin and create the illusion of slimness. Stick the tongue to the top of the palate

Arm and hand positions

Spread one arm slightly away from the body so it does not touch the side. However, not so much that there is obvious space, which would make it seem unnatural. Place the other hand on the hipline.


Good posture is important for looking longer and leaner. Throw your shoulders back and stand up straight. Make sure the stomach muscles are tight.  

Wear dark clothing

Basic black or dark monochromatic apparel does wonders in hiding any imperfections that may be overstated in front of a camera.    

Camera placement

Having the camera slightly higher than the face is beneficial in looking thinner and is a trick photographers have used for years.  Because of the angle, the subject needs to look up, which elongates the neck and makes one look slimmer.

Savvy women know that an elongated look will be sliming too even in accessories. An authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Looping MM Bag will meet that requirements and great for daily use.

It is crafted in Louis Vuitton monogram coated canvas with natural leather trim. The Looping bag has stunning slim-line frame that never appears overbearing.  

The stand-out of this pre-owned Louis Vuitton is its single leather strap circular shape that can alternate over the shoulder or is hand carried, depending on personal desire. It features a full top zip closure across the top for security with a gold tone LV engraved pull.

The used LV Looping is ideal for on-the–go-gals for everyday use and is spacious enough to carry all daily essentials. The interior is lined in beige Alcantara that is soft and luxurious.

An interior zipped pocket and open cell phone pocket are just some of the advantages it offers besides space.

Kelly Brook will never be out of style by carrying her authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Looping MM. It is the one all around the handbag to own.

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