Appreciate an Accent of Luxury with a Louis Vuitton Multicles 4-Key Case

Be on the cutting edge of fashion and home decor by visiting a museum store. Besides brimming with artful and educational gifts, reproductions of your favorite paintings and volcano kits for science bound students, jewelry, scarves and more are available for the women who are seeking la difference.

While some museum stores can be fairly modest in selection and features, bigger institutions like the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum of Art offer sophisticated boutiques on their premises and at their prospective airports.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC offers stunning watches, jewelry and scarves. Of course they have reproductions of many of their famous collected pieces such as the Egyptian cat.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art contains an array of delightful merchandise.  A top design and best seller is the Art Splash logo coffee mug  in a modern pattern against all white background.

In Chicago, The Field Museum´s shop contains replica jewelry in Native American and Tibetan style pendants and necklaces. The Turquoise Collar is just the thing to wear in an all- white outfit for that hint of class.

The Smithsonian in Washington DC, presents apparel. The multicolor Thundershower screen printed tee is a huge seller. Ideal to wear in the evening with a pair of dress slacks, there is a shirt that is a recreation of the final work of modern artist; Henry Lyman Saÿen ‘s  painting “The Thundershower.”

Another fabulous gift that is a work of art is by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton. The authentic Louis Vuitton Multicles 4-key Case Wallet is so stunning, that probably it will be the one that a gal will keep for herself. . This is perfect as it is slim and trim and will only take up a minimal amount of space in the smallest of purses.

This is a petite, feminine and compact wallet and another winner from Louis Vuitton.  It is crafted in the multicolor canvas that is pure urban chic. 33 different colors are set against a backdrop of black canvas. With all this burst of colors it will be easy to locate in a handbag.
Flip open the used wallet via a single gold tone snap engraved with the Louis Vuitton name. There is a compartment to stash the cash within its hot pink leather interior which is stamped on one side with ‘Louis Vuitton Paris.’

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton key case has 4 hooks in gold tone.  

The authentic Louis Vuitton Multicles 4-Key Case is the ideal accessory for a handbag or pocket and will be even more appreciated by its accent of luxury when in use.  

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