Add White to Winter with a Chanel Cambon Bowler Tote




Even though one can try to look their best as much as possible, sooner or later, they will eventually run into some beauty problems. Here are some common problems that can easily be repaired.

The Pimple

Pimples mostly occur in adolescence but they have also been known to occur in ages much older than that. The best way to reduce is to use some special products with the medicinal agent benzyl peroxide. This will dry it out in a jiffy.  While the pimple is still on the face, use a foundation that matches your skin tone to hide it.

Broken nail

Broken, chipped or shattered nails can be a pain on the finger as they can cause things to be scratched easily. In order to fix the problem, either clip or file the nail, depending on how serious the break is.

Short bangs

For an attempted do it yourself haircut that has gone wrong and looks awkward, simply brush it over to the side to camouflage the mistake.

Over plucked brow

A similar problem to the shorter bang is the over plucked or waxed brow. To resolve this just cover the bare area with some eye shadow that matches the brow color. Try to make this appear as natural as possible.

There’s never an accessory mishap when using an authentic Chanel Cambon Bowler. Named after Paris' Rue Cambon, this tote will work with winter whites. Its exterior is crafted in ultra white quilted lambskin leather.

Its contrasting top stitched CC logo is crafted in tan reptile pattern in leather and situated on the lower portion of the bag. The opposite front side of its signature logo is an angular hint of smooth white leather on its bottom corner. The back of the exterior contains an open flat pocket.

Chanel coordinated all the hardware on the pre-owned Cambon Bowler Tote in silver tone, including a Chanel ID chain link bracelet draping as its top zipper pull and protective feet on its base.

The used Bowler can be placed on the shoulder or hand carried via its two double-knotted leather straps in contrasting black.

Its top zip keeps everything inside secure, and this Chanel Carbon opens up wide so exposing a view right to the bottom of its interior. The inside is lined with distinctive Chanel CC logo patterns in bright orange satiny fabric.  Personal items will fit well within a separate zippered pocket. There is an additional interior pocket for a cell too.

Using the authentic Chanel Cambon Bowler Tote adds good taste and charm to the any outfit and never will be a mishap or fashion faux pas. Kelly Ripa and Katie Holmes never do with theirs.

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