Time to start planning for a place in the sun and Barbuda is appropriately ideal for the beachcomber. There are no paved roads, very few restaurants and hotels and not a lot of glitz that are found on the other more heavily populated islands. This is the place that many celebs look for to get away from it all.

Presenting a serene atmosphere with warm crystal clear waters, the isolated beaches have pink sand, much like that seen in Bermuda, and are often described as the most beautiful beaches anywhere by travel publications.

The 12 mile long island has many caves and sinkholes to explore.  Indian Cave contains relics of the island’s original inhabitants, including petroglyphs (rock carvings).

Offshore are reefs that the divers and snorkelers want in a destination.  WA-Omoni Park holds a frigate bird sanctuary amid the mangrove trees, considered the largest in the world. There are about 150 other species of birds which becomes an instant birdwatcher's paradise.

The remains of the Dividing Wall were built to separate the residents from the wild animals on the island.  The ruins of the Mortella Tower are missing their floors but its foundation and extremely thick walls has remained intact.  It was probably built by the Spanish before the British takeover.

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