Walk or Run in Style with a Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Geronimos

The fall season is finally in full swing and even though it may have hit its peak in the north, there’s still time to go out and see the beautiful changing colors of the leaves in other areas. It’s well worth taking the trip to see the magnificence of nature. Here are just a few of the best places to go to:


  • Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina

The mountains of North Carolina are famous for their picturesque beauty and this beauty is enhanced by the changing colors of the season. With their enormous variety of trees, ranging of everything from Dogwood and scarlet oak to the American beech tree and yellow birch is represented. The first trees begin to change over in September but the real noticeable change starts to occur in October.


  • Napa Valley, California

Everyone’s heard of the Silverado Trail, but don’t get packing for a summer trip; the best time to visit the area is in October. This is not only because of the beautiful weather but also because of the vineyards with its array of gold and orange shades is sure to delight. Bath in the luxury of the wine county with crush parties and a chance to relax in the crimson foliage.


  • Blue Ridge, Virginia
An area that is visited by millions of people around the world, the Blue Ridge Parkway is certainly not to be missed. The long range vistas and stunning mountain views are wonderfully coincides with the fall colors of the area. With a wide amount of flora and fauna and a 469 mile radius, it’s no surprise that this should be at the top of your travel list.

Using an authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Geronimos while taking in all the hues of autumn makes good sense.  Not only does it look good and will withstand all types of weather it is functional for uses and allows a woman to remain hands free.

The pre-owned Geronimos waist bag is crafted in the much desired Damier Ebene checkerboard dark brown canvas. The waist pouch is further enhanced by its trimming in dark chocolate leather and gold tone hardware.  

This used Louis Vuitton fanny belt can fit all according to desired size via its adjustable dark brown canvas waist belt. It will sit comfortably on the hip or waist or even can be carried across the shoulder.

 Wearing the used Damier Geronimos allows the walker to place in a bottle of water in hidden flat pocket located on the Damier front exterior. The Geronimos waist bag has plenty of room once opened via a gold tone top zipper with LV engraved pull. Stash some cash and other personal items inside the brown fabric canvas lining. There is a small d-ring to place keys on and find them with ease.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Geronimos can be the perfect walking companion to view nature’s bounty but will do just as well in any casual wear situation.

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