Stay Connected with Style by a Louis Vuitton Multicolor Pochette

In the past going on a cruise vacation meant getting away from it. However, with fad of keeping in touch via social networking, it’s impossible to escape the internet. This has been seen in all aspects of vacationing, and is especially popular during a cruise. The first internet café popped up in 1999 in the Norwegian Sky.  

This is very helpful for people who want to get connected as it allows users access to the internet and their e-mail accounts. In addition, there are automatic links for stock market, sports and entertainment updates as well as several virtual postcards for those who want to send them to friends and family from ports of call.

While this connection is certainly helpful for those who don’t use the internet that much, for those who need it, the Wi-Fi access is normally slow, as well as very expensive. This in turn means that it is becoming increasingly common for guests to take smartphones and laptops on board so they can get high speed access use them while in port in an internet café.

Internet charges generally vary depending on the cruise line but it’s usually around 35 cents to a dollar for a minute used. This charge usually applies to cell phones as well but when one is in port, the price will also vary to that of the country you are in. Ships do offer prepaid plans. The more minutes you purchase, the less the price per minute it is. However, there are no refunds on unused minutes.

Forget any concerns about staying connect on a cruise and instead head out and see the sights with an authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolor Pochette.  This pochette will serve a multiple of purposes and works well on somewhere warm during the winter.  Anna Kournikova and Jessica Simpson use theirs in the Caribbean and in the summer.

The fuss behind the Multicolor is that the pre-owned pochette features vibrant bombardment of brightly colored LV iconic monogram. These hues are set against a black canvas background designed exclusively for Louis Vuitton by Japanese pop artist, Takashi Murakami.

The used LV Pochette is enhanced further by Vachetta leather trim and edgy gold tone brass stud detail that shouts stylish and sophisticated .The strap is removable and the bag can be carried as a clutch in the hand or on the wrist.

A zipper top closure in gold tone hardware secures the contents in the bag and opens via an engraved LV pull.  The interior of this pre-owned bag is lined in a raspberry tone of micro fabric.    

An authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolor Pochette has enough color to enhance an outfit to a wow factor on-board a ship or on the home front.

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