Denim’s original purpose, because of its strength and durability, was strictly used for work clothes. Manufacturers, such as Levi Strauss and Lee, created the best in denim work clothes for the industrial sector.

The beat generation swaggered in blue jeans during the fifties along with those rock and rollers, making the comfy denim material becoming a fashion staple. Today, denim is not only for casual wear but made its way into the professional workplace also.

Caring for your denim is relatively easy but there are three types of denim to consider; prewashed, unwashed and stretched denim. No matter which type of denim you own, all denim can fade and shrink fast if you do not follow the care label instructions.

Whether your jeans are prewashed, unwashed and stretched denim, choose to use liquid detergent over a powder one. Liquid is less abrasive to the cloth and does not leave clumps of detergent marks on the denim. Always read the care label inside your jeans before laundering and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Here are some tips to give your jeans much needed therapy to increase their lifespan. 

Unwashed denim:

Wear your new jeans for as long as possible before the first wash.
Wash in cold water will safeguard its shape and the color.
Stretch jeans:

Wash in warm water to form the jeans back into shape.
Stretch jeans can be washed more often than other types of denim.
Pre-washed jeans:

Toss the pre-washed jeans into a hot dryer for a minute to regain its shape.
Only use the delicate cycle.
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