Glisten with a Chanel Vintage Double Flap

Pearls are thought to be a round shape gem stone. However, the newest exhibit at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum dispels that myth. On until January 19, 2014, check out some rare pieces from the Ancient Roman Empire. There are plenty of examples of uses with pearls created as sculptural objects such as a ballet dancer or spiders. Each piece contains a story and surprisingly come in many shapes and sizes.

Pearls are among the earliest of known gems known for exclusivity among royalty and the upper crust. In ancient China, pearls were used to pay taxes and considered more valuable than gold.  

The passion to own a strand of pearls gained popularity as the one basic accessory worn to complete a wardrobe. Coco Chanel helped pearls to become a universal staple for women throughout the world as she did with a simple and stylish handbag.

The elegant pearl enjoys a rekindling with every generation and women desire to have pearls in their jewelry collection. While there is no right or wrong way to choose pearls, at times it may be very difficult to distinguish between a natural pearl and a cultured pearl (much less expensive).

However, a synthetic pearl is easier to determine as a fake. The tooth test is infallible, in which the pearl is rub against the teeth. A natural or cultured pearl will feel slightly gritty. The faux synthetic pearl will feel smooth and slippery.

Besides being identified with pearls, Coco Chanel is known for her scrumptious accessory, the designer flap handbag. Since its introduction by Coco, there has been one basic shape to the flap but within many sizes and colors.

An authentic Chanel Double Flap handbag offers  old glamor that a staple of class. It remains in the spotlight with celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, Sarah Jessica Parker and many other contemporary gals for decades.

The Chanel double flap exudes sophistication and elegance and can be dress down or up. It is not only versatile but one sound investment as an accessory. Black quilted lambskin leather in a diamond pattern is crafted throughout this classic flap.

Chanel bags are instantly recognizable by their famous gold chain link strap interwoven with black leather. This one has two chains in a hand-held length.  The pre-owned Chanel purse´s offers the distinctive CC logo turn clasp in gold tone on its flap.

The interior of the used Chanel double flap handbag is lined in burgundy leather with open pockets on one wall.

An authentic Chanel Vintage Double Flap designer handbag is pure couture that is classy enough as a museum piece but will look even more charming when in use.  

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