Out of all of the precious stones and metals that are used to make jewelry, one of the most popular kinds is silver. Silver jewelry is certainly nothing new, having begun in the ancient times but grew in popularity with the discovery of the New World and, with it, the discovery of many silver mines. This in turn led to a silver craze beginning in the 1700s and the popularity has never died down since.
  • Silver jewelry is popular because it can serve as being an attractive piece without being flashy or boasting, as well as more affordable then gold. For the rest of this year, silver is gearing up to be more popular than ever as it manages to combine with the season’s hit color, basic black. Whether it works with complexion or skin color, there’s a silver object that’s fit for anyone.
  • Pure silver is far too soft to create jewelry that will last, so the metal is mixed with different metals to make it more durable. This called an alloy, which is what Sterling silver jewelry is. Sterling silver is by far the most popular kind of silver, not only for its beauty but also for its low cost.
  • According to the US Federal Trade Commission, Sterling silver cannot officially be called silver unless it has about 92.5 percent silver in it. The metal that is added the most to Sterling silver is copper. Copper usually makes up the other 7.5 percent and makes the silver harder.  Keep your sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dry place as the copper can cause the silver to tarnish in certain circumstances.
Even Marc Jacobs knows that silver tones are the way to go and has proved it with his design of the authentic Louis Vuitton Mahina XS Handbag. Jessica Biel, Heather Locklear, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus really get use out of theirs. The Mahina name is inspired from Polynesian culture celebrating the crescents and phases of the moon´s cycle. Obtaining a Louis Vuitton Mahina is next to impossible, as there are waitlisted as long as the time of the next lunar eclipse.

Styled in exceptionally supple metallic-like silver calfskin leather, the slouchy framed Mahina bag is etched with the LV monogram as perforations. Smooth calfskin is used on trims and the base.

Shiny silver tone hardware is used on its enhancements, including side buckles for adjusting its size, bottom raised feet for protection and a press lock flap closure, engraved with ‘Louis Vuitton Paris.’

The leather handle strap is adjustable and can be made long enough to cling over the shoulder or on the forearm.

The used Louis Vuitton´s interior is accessed via a top zipper. Its inside is crafted in black microfiber giving off a huge visual interest through the perforations. The Mahina is super spaced in space with several pockets for organization.

Grab on to the authentic Louis Vuitton Mahina XS Handbag, while it´s still around. The chance the opportunity will disappear for this collectable, stylish and functional designer handbag.