The Chanel Matrasse Chain Shoulder Bag is a One Size Fits All

Out of all of the many types of jewelry out there, one of the most popular and most enduring of pieces are earrings. For thousands of years, these jewelry items have always been the height of luxury. Here are some of the best earring types to choose from in order to ensure that you pick the right earring for your facial type:
  • Round  
Round shaped faces usually call for long and lean earrings with angular curved lines. The best type to get is an earring with a long narrow drop style. Another good choice would be to get small studs, usually in angular shapes such as squares and triangles.
  • Square
 One type of earring that should be avoided for those with square faces is the angular style large earrings because it has a tendency to make one’s face look much wider. Instead, opt for either the small hoop earrings or medium diamond studs or pearls.
  • Wide
Wide faces require a special type of earring, and long and narrow earrings are a perfect fit. Heart and diamond earrings are the most popular because of their delicate features, fine chains and a more focal bottom.
  • Long
Finally, wide earrings are a perfect fit for those with long and oblong faces, particularly those that oversized or very decorative earrings. They are beautiful for anyone to see and will certainly make an excellent and stunning impression.

The authentic Chanel Matrasse Chain Shoulder Bag accentuates the lifestyle of every woman. No special requirements are necessary between the cosmopolitan, sophisticate, urban career gals to savvy trendsetters to always-on-the-go moms.

Women go to great lengths to own at least one high-end designer handbag in their lifetime and this is the one that is always in demand ever since Coco Chanel debuted the flap and Karl Lagerfeld has kept it around because even he recognizes that this is a must-have  

Crafted in neutral beige quilted lambskin leather, the Chanel flap is a handbag that goes with a pair of jeans as for after five events. The iconic Chanel gold tone chain link  interwoven with fine beige leather presents an elongated look that can be worn a number of ways.  

This delightful pre-owned Chanel flap flows with taste. The stunning leather Chanel Matrasse offers more visual interest with its gold tone CC logo turn clasp is featured on its flap. It is an instant status symbol.

Everything that is required as pure necessity will fit within the burgundy leather lined bag with ease.  One side wall contains a zippered pocket with the CC logo pull and two open pockets directly below.

This style of a Chanel flap ranges with owners from Goldie Hawn to Kate Beckinsale and every celeb in-between.

Any discerning woman will cherish an authentic Chanel Matrasse Chain Shoulder Bag as pure luxury. Besides it never needs any adjustments as to the type of girl you are. One size fits all.

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