After an active summer and the Labor Day Weekend, the time is ripe to achieve softer skin and rid the skin of dead cells. Look no further than in the food pantry. Many items have amazing beauty benefits when applied topically. So just head straight for the kitchen and begin an at-home treatment.
  • Sugar
Sugar body scrubs are all the rage and with good reason. Sugar is terrific for removing dry or dead skin without irritating.
Face: Make a mild exfoliate by mixing a gentle cleansing lotion with a tablespoon of raw sugar as a face wash once a week.
Body: Pour ¼ cup sugar on one half of a grapefruit and then scrub the body with it. The citrus acid helps keep the body oil in check.
  • Olive oil
Nails and hands: Reap the benefits by using olive oil to moisturize hands. Simply place fingertips in a small bowl of heated oil once a week for 10 minutes to condition cuticles.
  • Bath

Few things are as relaxing as a hot bath, especially when adding all the other ingredients into the water.
Sore muscles: To ease aches and pains, pour half a cup of apple cider vinegar into the bath. It will not only relax muscles with its calming effects, but it will make the skin soft and silky.
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