Carry a Chic and Functional Fendi Trifold Selleria Wallet

Traveling this Labor Day is always an exciting time. It gives one a chance to make the most of summer’s end. Besides traveling for a vacation, other leisure pursuits this weekend include visiting families and having a get-together near to home.  However, anyone who is away from the home front will be carrying extra cash credit cards and/or jewelry with them.

There are some things of note to be aware of and make traveling safely a priority.

  • Always retain two photocopies each of necessary papers, particularly a passport and drivers license. Keep one set on your person.
  • Never flash cash or fancy jewels no matter where travels take one.
  • Even hotel rooms with in-room safes are still prone to robberies. Place valuables in the front desk’s safe. This way the hotel is responsible for any loss.
  • A room can easily be accessed and it has been known that some chambermaids work as accomplices of criminal gangs. 
  • With cash and credit cards, keep them not only in the wallet but hidden in a jacket’s inner pocket or elsewhere on your person.  The second wallet can store some extra cash and credit cards if the unfortunate event happens a handbag theft.

Designer wallets are made with quality, style and may even outlive its owner with proper care. There are many different types of wallets but an authentic Fendi Trifold Selleria Wallet is trim enough to serve as that stunning extra wallet for safety of cash and cards. 

This great quality wallet offers a sleek and polished look and is ever so functional too. Gwyneth Paltrow is a huge Fendi fan and is bound to have this one buried in her Fendi designer handbag,

It is crafted in durable grainy black leather with white detailed stitching in an elongated rectangle frame. There is a front compartment that is ideal to handle coins or business cards and opens easily in a snap. There is a silver tone circular name plate on the back exterior.

Flip open the used Fendi Wallet via a single silver tone snap and find a long compartment to stash the cash within its completely black leather interior. There is a raised embossed stamp with the Fendi name and FF logo.

The pre-owned Fendi Selleria Wallet contains eight slots for debit and credit cards making it a fully functional and stylish wallet that can easily become the main one. Photo or drivers license can be stored in a plastic see-through window slot.

An authentic Fendi Trifold Selleria Wallet is chic and functional for everyday needs with a special accent of luxury.

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