One of the most popular and all time famous characters in cartoon history is finally getting her own fashion line. That character is none other than the iconic creation of Betty Boop. Created by Max Fleicher in 1930, America’s favorite flapper was a parody of Helen Kane. She was an enormous success in the 30’s with numerous cartoons made of her.

The cartoon was forced to be toned down due to the intense restrictions of the Hays Code which resulted in her losing her popularity, but it’s clear that the character has stood the test of time.

The LA based designer Joyrich has decided to team up with the current owners of Betty Boop, King Features Syndicate to bring Betty back to the big time. A whopping 19 piece collection, all inspired by the character is going to be released, with everything ranging from t-shirts to handbags, from dresses to hats to be offered.

Its debut is being released in 7 different boutiques including Patricia Field in New York and Wish in Atlanta. This is one collection that any retro lover should be sure to pick up.

Another piece of retro that will always remain on top like Betty Boop is an authentic Chanel Vintage Clutch. The tote is a fabulous bag that has a “boop-boop-de-boop” feeling from the age of the flappers. Even today it stands out as a head turner.

Crafted in rich black lambskin leather in puffed diamond pattern and smooth leather trim the pre-owned Chanel Vintage will easily fit into any season and is considered a collectable designer handbag.

There is a gold tone CC logo kiss lock clasp on the front exterior. It actually works to keep the top of the clutch closed directly under its handle.

Speaking of which, its dual top handles are based in smooth leather as a slip in and is ready to take the walk. This is a type of clutch that is not seen too often and yet is never will be out of style.

Open the Chanel clutch from the top and the linking is completely lined in burgundy leather. The sharp frame contains plenty of space for all essentials that any fashionista who travels light would need.

 Inspire fashion envy everywhere in something that is not seen too often with the authentic Chanel Vintage Clutch.