Match the Colors of Fall with a Fendi Zucca Mamma Baguette Handbag

One of the more revolutionary and interesting techniques at beauty salons these days is Gel Manicures. Gel manicures are perfect for those looking longevity. Used with nail art, they are quickly becoming a big hit, especially in this fast paced, get it done in a second world.

The technique is as simple as it is genius. The technique is performed via a nail technician who applies a gel to bind some attractive looking synthetic nails on your normal nails. The new synthetic nails are then dolled up with all of the trimmings to make sure they look the greatest they can possibly be.

Though it is sometimes claimed that synthetic nails “last forever”, the actual facts have shown that these synthetic nails last about 2 weeks.  

Doctors have also expressed warnings that these should only be done on special occasions and users should also put sunscreen on their hands before having the treatment as the UV lighting may cause damage. It is also good advice to not to try to remove the gel treatment by yourself, instead, get it removed at the salon. The nails will be very soft after removal.

If synthetic nails need a new coat of shine, simply do it yourself and use a nail buffer to smooth out the surface then apply some new top coating to the nail and make an appointment at the salon for the following week.

With great looking nails go with Go with simplicity in a designer handbag such as with an authentic Fendi Mamma Baguette Zucca.

The bag is engulfed with the iconic Zucca canvas filled with FF logo monogram sin brown against the dark beige backdrop. The pre-owned Fendi is further enhanced but its dark chocolate polished leather tab with silver tone FF logo belt buckle snap closure that serves as the focal point to this stylish bag.

It offers just the right amount of Milan sophistication as Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Ashley Tisdale have discovered. This used Fendi can easily adapt to a user´s needs and go with jeans during the on a casual outing to a more dressy occasion with a night out.

The bag’s frame is outlined with an overlapping flap. It offers adjustable dark brown leather the flat shoulder strap. 

The designer purse is pure pizzazz even underneath the flap. The interior is completed lined in brown fabric textile and leather trimmings.  The large sized open compartment can handle all essentials easily and there a side wall zippered pocket.

The authentic Fendi Zucca Mamma Baguette bag is a winner that matches the colors of fall beautifully and that new shade of polish.

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