The Ideal Companion to Take Some Time Off is with is a Gucci Shopping Tote

In some parts if the country the kids are back in school again.  Take a break, be a savvy mom and get a hold of some free time to the best of your advantage. Any of these four ideas will reboot the mind, body and spirit.
  • Go to the movies
Heading to the cinema for the first showing of the day will allow a gal to achieve total escapism.  Select a film that no one else in the family would care for.
  • Read that book
Indulge in a quiet day of self pampering by escaping with a book. Visit a bookstore for something to read, and then take it down the street to a favorite coffee shop.  
  • Listen to music
Music, no matter whether it is rock, easy listening, hip hop or classical, makes it easier for one to focus on tasks and lifts the mood. Listen to some during the course of the day, while attending to other deeds.
  • Take a nap
Experts suggest keeping to a 20 minute nap during the early afternoon provides more rest and stamina that lounging an extra 20 minutes in bed in the morning.

Nothing beats using basic black to match any outfit including a jogging suit other than with an authentic Gucci Shopping Tote. Be in the height of style with this large size Gucci shopper's bag against a black backdrop of cotton canvas filled with the signature GG logo monogram. The canvas if further enhanced by its traditional Gucci equestrian colors of red and green followed by to the two rounded top handle straps in black leather that can be hand carried or fit snugly over the shoulder.

Besides its stunning detailing, the base of the pre-owned Gucci Shopping Tote is flat and entirely crafted in black leather.  

Everything will remain secure as this bag offers a top zipper closure. Once inside the used Gucci Shopping Tote is lined black GG logo textile fabric and contains a zippered pocket on one wall.

Perfect for daily use, the roomy pre-owned Gucci shopper tote is sized just right without being overbearing. Fans of this one include moms Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon.

It will hold an abundance of items, including packages from a shopping expedition, reading material when at a favorite coffee shop, any communication device, as well as all essential items a girl normally carried.

Make the Gucci Shopping Tote the casual shopper to grab when heading out the door this season.

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