Match Elegance with Trendiness by the Gucci Leather Python Handbag

False eye lashes are making a comeback this fall; however, they are not the over-done British Mary Quaint/Carnaby Street type during the Mod era from the 60s.

Lashes add a zest to the eyes, opening them up and are more than appropriate for a special evening event. However, some types can be during the day and look so natural, no one will ever know. Give them a try this season. Many girls are opting for inexpensive false eyelashes to use once and then throw away. The success of looking good means to allow you plenty of time to apply them. As you practice, application becomes easier and easier.


  • Wash hands thoroughly.
  • Carefully remove the strip lash from its container so that the curve of the lash remains for ease of placement.
  • Measure the lash by placing it on your eye lid prior to gluing. Starting from the outer corner of the false lashes, any excess should be cut off.  
  • Place the lash adhesive onto the silicone band.   
  • Wait 30 seconds and place the lash next to the natural lashes.
  • Align them from the outside corner, following the lash line by gently pushing the lash into the lash line with a pair of tweezers. Make sure there is no separation from the faux to the real.
  • If planning on disposing the lashes after one use, an eyelash curler can be used.
  • Apply mascara to the lashes.

Before you know it you can add them to your makeup regime for everyday wear too.

One designer handbag that fits right into this season´s upcoming wardrobe is the authentic Gucci Leather Python handbag. Leave it to Gucci to enhance a comeback handbag with an element of animal instinct based in brown.  It is a favorite of Jennifer Lopez.

The finish of the exterior reflects just enough light to see the upper scales of the snake in crystal clear detail. The sides and a portion of the front contain smooth leather while the back exterior contains mostly the Python pattern.

This sought after pre-owned jumbo Gucci Python bag’s detailing is full of surprises. There’s gold tone hardware such as an engraved bridle clip on one side of the thick flat leather strap that makes it easy to place this huge saddle bag on the shoulders.
Once inside the tan fabric lined used Gucci hobo via its top zippered closure, there’s super sized space for all belongings and a convenient zippered pocket on the side wall.   

Whatever outfits chosen for fall, the authentic Gucci Leather Python handbag guarantees to match it with elegance in the trendiest of ways.

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