The Chanel Boston Spa Tote Completes the Fluid in Pastels

Fans of both fashion and art know that it is practically essential to have all of the wonderful material written or made about artists, both past and present. One such artist is Mats Gustafson, the Swedish artist whose watercolors continue to inspire and move countless amounts of people worldwide. 

Gustafson, who was been making works since the mid 1980s, is going to have a book detailing his greatest works from 1989 to 2001. The book, which is entitled, “Mats Gustafson: Watercolors,” shows off his eye for detail, beauty and elegance which is made even more impressive due to the high quality of the drawings and watercolors.

The book is going to be released on July 23rd, in order to coincide with an exhibit based on Gustafson, called “Fashion, Figures, Faces: Mats Gustafson” in Stockholm’s Millesgården Museum until September 22nd.

Gustafson might be best known for doing outfits for many major designers by depicting the way the clothes and the body affect each other. His famous sketches hold the same amount of attention to detail that inspired other fashion designers. He drew “Bathing suit” for Romeo Gigli and “Profile” which motivated Jill Sander. This is one book no one will place down.

 Pack up this new book and visit the exhibition in Sweden using the authentic Chanel Boston Spa Tote as the one to get away with.

Known as the ultimate in luxury craftsmanship, it makes good sense to carry the one designer handbag that is spacious and very sturdy to boot.  This pre-owned Chanel is crafted in mouthwatering puffed quilted caviar leather in pale purple.

Covering the exterior of this used savvy tote is the ultra-sized lettering patches in white smooth leather spelling C-H-A-N-E-L. The white leather always extends as it piping style trim.

The front exterior has an extra large zippered pocket directly above the lettering. All hardware is gold-tone including the protective feet on its flat stand upright base. The double handles are rounded for comfort to carry.

The interior is accessed via a gold tone top zipper.  The pre-owned lilac Chanel tote is well sized and roomy enough to carry so much more. Use it as an eye-catching getaway weekender, or take it to a 5-star resort’s pool, use it as a gym bag or as a carry-all onto a flight. The inside lined in soft and smooth black leather, and contains a zippered pocket on the side wall.

The authentic Chanel Boston Spa Bag is easily apparent as a classic with edge that makes this tote an everlasting addition for any Chanel devotee and lovers of that fluid watercolor feel of lilac.

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