The Fendi Zucca Spalmati Lady Bug Tote Adds a Bit of Pop Art to the Day

Cleaning the kitchen can be done safely and naturally, using many products found right in the cupboard. Get rid of the chemical products and give these items a try.

  • Baking Soda

Use it on multiple surfaces by mixing it with water and creating a paste. It can be used to clean everything from white appliances to stove tops, sinks, counters and dish drainers. It works especially well at removing stains on counters. Simply wipe off and rinse the area after cleaning.  

  • Vinegar

Give up the glass cleaner and use white vinegar instead. Vinegar works well with baking soda. The chemical reaction between the two has it fizz and makes it easier to remove stuck on food pieces on areas such as the inside of the microwave, where residue can make cleaning a tricky issue.

  • Essential Oils

Essential oils are no longer just for aromatherapy benefits and can aid in not only providing a fresh, clean smell, but to fight germ-causing agents on surfaces. Citrus and pine oils are good choices as they contain antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.   To use, simply add several drops to a homemade cleaning products and use as normal.  

These items provide deep cleaning without a price tag of potential health problems.

With the house all spiff-spot in no time, head outdoors with the simplicity of an authentic Fendi Zucca Print Canvas Spalmati Lady Bug Tote Bag. The tote is based on a dark chocolate laminated canvas background with the iconic FF logo set with a pop art screen print of a lady bug.

The  signature handbag is filled with so much color, that it raises to the mood to positives. The pre-owned Fendi Tote handbag fits into any lifestyle and is a breeze to keep pristine.

All trimming is done up in brown leather with raspberry stitching to coordinate with all the hues of the Lady Bug.  Complimented by its thin double leather handles, the Fendi tote is an easy hand carry and shoulder number.

The used Fendi Zucca Lady Bug Bag contains high quality gold tone hardware too.  The zip top closure has the FF logo as its pull.

Inside the bag is lined in raspberry fabric with an open pocket on the side wall. There is plenty of interior space to carry all necessities and small packages.

 Owning an authentic Fendi Zucca Print Canvas Spalmati Lady Bug Tote Bag is a good everyday carryall that will certainly be noticed.

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